What is power in action

Power In Action was formed in response to the heightened disparities revealed in Black communities by the COVID-19 pandemic. Power In Action is comprised of a collective unit of community leaders with the goal to make change in Black communities by helping to remove systemic disparities. Ignited by Dr. Froswa Booker-Drew, two African American organizations, HERitage Giving Fund and Men of Honor, joined together to form the organization’s strategic direction and platform. Through issue area focus groups, we will work to move the needle on changing the landscape for the Black community.

We are doing this by:

  • Leveraging the voices of community partners to bring awareness to issues impacting Black communities
  • Being a resource by providing helpful information to support Black communities
  • Creating a strong advocacy platform to create policies and practices that will foster systemic change
  • Be responsive to the needs of the black communities by being issue-specific experts and voices for change
  • Addressing the specific disparities of Black communities in the following areas: education, health care, social justice, mental health and housing

Power In Action: Mobilizing to Advance Black Communities

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